Thursday, July 30, 2009

worse than childbirth.

Slowly (very slowly) but surely things are coming along around here. I've still been priming trim. Yes, still. And although the last piece of tile has yet to be laid, the entryway is down and such a beauty to look at.

the "so-so" before.

the symbolic first piece.

the "destined to be beautiful" after.

The railing is just covered in two coats of primer. I threw in the towel and have firmly decided to hire a painter to finish the upper section of the railing. My patience gave out.

Which is when the hubby stepped in with these encouraging words...
"You're tough honey, you can do this. You gave birth to a child."

To which I (in all honesty) responded...
"This is much more difficult than childbirth!"

...and anyway, the kitchen needs repainted so maybe we'll get a package deal. :)
Thanks to Randy who helped Travis with the tile and his comment that the wall color doesn't mesh well with the tile color (exact statement I'd made just a day prior), Travis is now on board with "chocolate froth" replacing our current mustard yellow kitchen.

I did finally start painting trim last night and hope to complete it today, along with spraying all the doors, including kitchen cabinet doors.
(fingers are crossed as I type this)

Travis hopes to have all the tile laid today so we can grout tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, attempt a date night for dinner and a movie before our incredibly missed little man comes home on Saturday.

The best news we've gotten so far is that our carpet is about a week ahead of schedule for delivery to the store! After pulling back carpet in order to prime/paint trim and discovering more pet stains than I realized were possible in one household, we are thrilled we opted to re-carpet the entire house and cannot wait for the site, feel, and smell of the new carpet to be installed.

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