Friday, June 18, 2010

be our guest.

In my absence of blogging on a regular basis lately, we have had guests quite often here at the house which makes my heart happy. Thankfully, I have (over many many weeks, ok, months) managed to make the guest room a serene, calm, welcoming space. Unlike the dark empty space it once was...

Along with a few coats of fresh creamy white paint, a made-over armoire, new bedding essentials, and a few thrifty accessories, I also found a lovely headboard on Craigslist that had pretty features with a not so pretty color/finish. Nothing a little paint can't fix, right?

See all that potential?

Of course it's not finished, no room ever really is. I'd like to distress the crisp white armoire, and that little side table ($3.99 from goodwill by the way!) needs it stripes to be more turquoise than gray/blue I think. And I'm thinking there should be an old chippy sign above the bed.

But, for the next week I'm off to find a cure from saltwater in the form of the sea. It's been a busy, rough couple of months and we're off to enjoy a much needed family week at the beach in Ocean Isle, NC. But be prepared, because I've already 'googled' mulitple flea markets in the area. :)

I hope you lovelies are enjoying tons of summer festivities and more laughter than your stomach can handle.

The Lettered Cottage

Sunday, June 13, 2010

my wolfpack.

Ok ladies, bare with me on getting to the home side of things. I will post about something home related this week. I'm determined to.

For now I thought I'd share some photos of a trip Travis and I just took to Vegas with our best of friends. We stayed at Mandalay Bay, and our biggest events were the UFC fan expo and weigh in's for UFC 114 as well as dinner and a Cirque Du Soleil show at Bellagio courtesy of some generous friends. I'm hoping all of you have seen "The Hangover" at this point because 1. it is hilarious, and 2. we made quite the number of references to that movie throughout our trip. In fact, we've now dubbed ourselves the new "wolfpack". :)

We refer to the friends we went with as our "favorites", and, that's no joke. Ashley and Austin, we sure do love you guys and had the time of our lives in Vegas with you. Do it all over again next year? ;)

*Travis' birthday night at Ghost Bar at The Palms. Uh-mazing view.

*sunbathing VIP style. (lucky fellas) ;)

*Travis and I on the Bellagio dinner and a show night.

2 sweet smiles + 2 badasses = one fun group

*Getting wild at the UFC 114 weigh-ins.

My wolfpack. :) Don't judge us.

*Travis, Austin & Me crushing "yard dogs". Yard Dogs: ridiculously large daquiris that should require an "I'm not responsible for my actions" sign to be worn after consuming.

*Ran into Dana White (President of the UFC) at 3a.m. in our hotel. Coolest.Guy.Ever.

*This, my friends, is what a dream come true looks like. The lovely little blonde in the photo is my bestest, and the fella to her right? Well, that's Tito Ortiz, aka man of her dreams. The nice and naughty ones. ;)

Can't wait to do it all again! See you lovelies soon with some photos of updates and changes around the house.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I know I should start with an apology to the few of you darlings who are so eager to see the changes I've made around our home. And, just as soon as the sunshine graces our home with her beauty again, I'll go photograph crazy with my new camera (gotta love birthdays and hubbies) and share the plethera of changes we've made around here.

In the meantime, the most recent change has been a bittersweet one.

We went from "Bieber look-a-like":

To "total toddler rock star":

Along with a new haircut came a new attitude:

I mean, I can't even handle this level of cuteness. :)