Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a dream that needs fulfilled.

I've already got the groom, a ring on my finger, and the papers have all been signed.

Now, I just need this...

an ideal location has already been offered.

hay bails and all...

this dress would be fabulous.

or maybe this one.

as would these shoes.

gray suits for the fellas?

cowgirl boots for the 'maids'?

or neutral colored babydoll dresses?

a ring bearer worthy of stealing the spotlight.

stunning headband. lovely bouquet. a horse to ride up on...?

'family favorite' favors.

cake's cuter younger sister. ...cupcakes!

mason jars. candlelight. done deal.

the best thing to happen to a reception after dark.
true story.

the driver: pure sweetness
the just married couple in the back: wedded bliss

ahhhhh. one day...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

things that matter.

what a summer it has been...

25th birthday.

vacationing. just us.

father's day at the zoo.

a dad and his girls.

the first time taste of an oh-so-sweet Icee.

a first haircut!

a family day at the zoo.

a night out with my sister & a best friend.
*in both photos ;)

As I reflected back on this summer I realized there were firsts, lasts, endings that created new beginnings, love lost, perfect strangers have become perfect friends, moments of complete silence amidst mutual understanding, tear inducing laughter, hugs, kisses, and "i love you's" galore. I realized that for the family, friends, love and devotion that I have in my life...

I am a lucky girl.

Friday, August 14, 2009

we all know I love surpises.

so, if ever another little one comes along the nursery would have to be gender neutral (again). unless of course we waited until after the birth to decorate and any parent knows how unrealistic that seems.

the solution to this possible dilemma...

or this infamous design...

we've already got the tall giraffe seen in the corner by the reading/cuddling chair.

...i'm sure jack would be willing to share her with a newborn sibling.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

a new addition.

In my desperate search for inspiration for Jack's room, I came across a nursery fit for a little angel. I knew immediately that if a new addition to our lives is ever a sweet baby girl...

this is where she will dream.

It's soft and pretty. ...just like little baby girls.

To my disappointment I wasn't able to find any other images of this room, but I did come across this oh-so-perfect chair that would settle nicely in a reading corner.

Had our little man not had an out of the blue breakdown last night by refusing to sleep in his room, and laid in bed with us until he was fast asleep and I could carry him to his bed...
I might be inclined to start trying for another.

Man he'd make such a great big brother.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

surprises make me happy.

especially these kind...

I just love how this one little pink rose catches my eye every time I glance at this bouquet of beauty.

I think floral delivery servicemen (and women) have the best job. I mean, at every stop they are warmly greeted with the lit up face of some lucky lady who is sure to just melt at the sight of what is being delivered. that is a career worth considering.

It's been a long, busy day so I'm off to bed.
But before I drift off to dreamland I will be sure to give thanks for the angels that have been placed here on earth for me.

In this particular instance, a best friend - turned sister...
Natalie Anne.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a picture's worth a thousand projects.

As you can imagine it was a busy weekend here at the Markley household.

We completed:
  • tile work (laid, grouted, cleaned & sealed)
  • priming & painting of all doors
  • priming and painting of all trim that can be done at this point
  • ripped up old carpet & padding
  • moved all furniture into bathrooms & the kitchen
in preparation for...

(brace yourselves)

...'smooth as silk' new carpet.

Despite a level of exhaustion that words just wouldn't describe,
we both managed smiles as we conquered removing the last piece of old carpet
and embarked on the beginning of the end by ripping up the old padding.

Isn't it's creamy cocoa color just beautiful against the white trim?

...and resting ever so snugly next to the 'laid with love' tile?

Considering this is what they looked like before...

I'd say the fresh white doors really brighten the place.

remember the "before" picture of the foyer in a previous post?

well, here it is now.

(new carpet. completed tile. fresh paint on trim, railing, door, and window casings.)

We still have plenty of work ahead of us:

  • replace trim in tiled areas
  • touch up scuffs in trim from carpet installation
  • paint ledge above front door and in kitchen
  • hang the remaining doors and hardware

...not to mention just a few things I'm looking forward to:

  • paint Jack's bedroom
  • paint Jack's bedroom furniture
  • paint our bedroom furniture
  • make some window treatment changes
  • situate all furniture in it's new space
(and if I can ever get in touch with our painter)
  • have the railing completed and kitchen repainted.

For now, we're happily satisfied with having the biggest tasks out of the way
and behind us with memories of blood, sweat, and tears.
(every one meant in a literal sense)

Along with the great pride we take in making our home beautiful and
the smile it brings to our faces.