Friday, January 8, 2010

frugal fashions (friday).

I wish I had something fun on right now that I could share with you all but considering most of my week has been spent in yoga pants and slipper boots, I'll stick to sharing my New Year's Eve outfit.

Unfortunately Fortunately we were busy having so much good food, drinks, and fun New Year's Eve that we, make that I, didn't break out the camera until well into the evening once my "looking hot" turned "looking like a hot mess". And, even then, it was simply my camera phone to snap a photo of hubby and I to share with family. Travis looked so handsome that I regret not having a quality photo to share. He wore a striped button up. Which brings me to mentioning that after noticing how often he wears them, I'm starting to think he is the reason I love stripes so much, and not the other way around. :)

Anyway, if you like Christian Louboutin shoes then you'll love these:

but at almost $800 I couldn't afford one of these shoes, let alone both. So, I opted for these:

Striking resemblance, huh? And at the price tag of just $10 (no I didn't forget a zero anywhere in there) brand new, not buying them was not an option.

You see I already had a dress, and intended to where flat suede slouchy boots but there was something about having a babysitter for the evening that made me want to wear super high (5inch to be exact) heels for dinner with my hubby. ;)

The dress was on clearance at Macy's and after extra discounts and a coupon it was less than $3 (that's right, less than what a Venti Caramel Macchiato would cost me):

I loved the colors (totally unlike me), the ruffles, and most importantly the way it fit. The price tag? Well that's a given, of course I loved that. I felt sexy to wear a dress and heels since I've become a "jeans, t-shirt and boots" kinda gal more so after having Jack and it made me feel sexier yet that my entire outfit, except the black tights I already owned, cost a mere $13. Have I ever told you all that "13" is a very lucky number in our little family? I'll save that story... ;)

Have a wonderful weekend pretty ladies (and handsome gents, just in case my dad is reading). I hope to be back next week with some changes around the house.


  1. well done miss lady!!!! Im impressed and I bet you looked HOTTT!!!!
    ps. I think the silver mixer is PERFECT white gets too dirty and mine is fun but hopefully Ill always love that color scheme or else im SOL :)

  2. GORGEOUS dress!!! It looks 100 times more expensive than the price tag. As for the shoes, I like yours WAYYY better. And as someone who owns several pairs of louboutin's, they are not worth the price of admission. Unless they are SHOW STOPPING and feel incredible on I probably won't buy another pair. Glad you had a wondeful New Year's, and can't wait to see what you do with your awesome coffee table!!!

  3. They are so cute-so similar! Cute dress too.

    Love your blog, now following. :-)

  4. thank you for your sweet comment! looove the shoes and dress--amazing! xo


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