Saturday, February 20, 2010

sunshine and surprises

A sunshining Saturday is enough to make me smile considering we've not seen the sunshine around these here parts in weeks. It's been nothing but gray skies and lots of white snow. And despite gray and white being two of my absolute favorite colors, I've discovered that's not the case when it comes to the weather. However, the sun is out in full force today gracing us with blue skies and little wind so what is it that we plan to do to enjoy it? Go shopping, of course! Here in Columbus we have an "indoor/outdoor mall" Easton Town Center so we'll get to enjoy the beautiful day without freezing our tushes off.

Thanks to the always lovely and gracious Holly at one of my not-so-secret favorite blogs Life In The Fun Lane I learned that Hollister has ALL of their jeans on sale and despite no longer being a teenager, they were always my favorite jeans so I'm determined to shop there anyway. :) Shopping for jeans is sometimes one of the most depressing tasks I face but with my supportive hubby and little man tagging along I'm braving the mission today. I'll report back on how it goes and if these come home with me...

Another very pleasant surprise lately has been a new and absolutely fabulous blog I came across not too long ago. Maria only starting blogging a month ago and already has over 500, count 'em, 500 followers. One look at her blog Dreamy Whites and you too will be in love, I'm sure of it. She's not only another beautiful gal with a lovely family and a sweet nature about her writing, but she's humble. A real doll this one is. With a gorgeous home, and, lucky for us, she's hosting an adorable little give-away so be sure to take a look and let her know I sent you. :)

Wishing all of you lovelies lots of sunshine and smiles on this Saturday afternoon.


  1. Ok, I just stumbled across your blog from Life in the Fun Lane and I just love love love this picture of these jeans. I have NEVER bought Hollister, so I don't know how they fit. Are they true to size? I live 3 hours from the nearest mall, so....the chances of me walking into a store is far fetched. Seeing as though I did make it to a Mall last month but was horrified when I walked into AE (because their jeans...I love) with a baby in a stroller and all the 16 year olds were looking at me. Oh it was awful :) hahahaha. I'm 29 people!! 29!!!! :) HAHAHAHA

  2. Oh secondly...I just LOVE the jeans you are wearing in the picture of you in your header on the left. where are those from? I bought some skinny pants from Forever 21 (again online) and they make my butt look sooo not there. hahahahaha. I have 3 kids...I'm not trying to make my body look like I have 3 kids. HAHAHAHA. Thanks and sorry for all the questions! LOVE your blog.


thank you for stopping by and as always, for your kind comments. each and every one sure does bring a smile to my face.