Friday, May 21, 2010

26 and counting.

"Today is my birthday
And all that I want
Is to dig through this big box of pictures
In my kitchen 'til the daylights gone...."


I promise once all of the birthday festivities settle down this weekend (tomorrow is my FIRST EVER party. Seriously), and before we depart for Vegas next week, I'll get around to sharing some of the big changes that have taken place around here. ;)


  1. Yes!! Happy birthday Sweets!!cannot wait to see all the changes!!! have fun at your party!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY dear!! Hope your party was a FESTIVE SUCCESS! And have fun in Vegas! Can't wait for more blog posts when you get back, we need updates! :)

  3. Amanda!!! First off THANK YOU for being my first blog friend to comment in my pretty much 7 months of absence from the blog world! I kinda hit the "post" button with my fingers crossed that I still had some faithful blog friends out there and it turns out I do ;D! And HAPPY Belated Birthday to you!!! Mine was on May 15th!!! Gotta love May birthdays! Another crazy thing I noticed was that just after Nathaniel got home from Afghanistan we went to Vegas on June 4th!!! for 4 days and I JUST saw that you went too!!! Were we there on the same days??? Oh how I would have LOVED to meet up!!! Rats! How was your trip? XO


thank you for stopping by and as always, for your kind comments. each and every one sure does bring a smile to my face.