Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jack's Bachelor Pad (reveal).

Well, it happened.
We finally had a little bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds yesterday.

And although I don't have a fancy schmancy camera to make my photos look as good as they probbaly could, I grabbed the one I do have and snapped away.

Because who knows when little miss sunshine will be back for a visit.

If you care to dare to see the "befores", grab some saltines and clear soda (because it could quite possibly make you sick to your stomach) and click here.
Ok go ahead and look. It makes the "after" even better!

Thank you for your patience while I sat here in Ohio waiting for the sun to shine.

Let me introduce you to Jack's big boy bachelor pad.

I love it.
Like, looove love it.

The mix of old and new makes me smile every time I walk in the room.
Everything in the room has a story.

Whether it be how we came across the desk and chair by complete accident when hopes of finding matching wingback chairs failed.
Or how I asked my mother in law over a year ago if she would pass the picture, now hanging above Jack's bed, onto him.

It used to hang in her family room. And I would stare at it every time we'd visit, thinking of how perfect it was for the vision I had for Jack's big boy room. So, when I asked if she would pass it on to me for that use, she explained how she loved the picture because it reminded her of exactly what Travis looked like, walking on the beach as a little boy.

Ironic, because it always reminds me of what Jack looked like on his first trip to the beach.

Makes my heart so happy to have it hanging above his bed.
(Thanks Pat!)

Oh yeah! Annnnnd, can you all even believe what I made his chandelier out of????
*insert impressed blushing grin here*

There are a few things that still need done/tweaked.

-Lightswitches and outlet covers changed out for white ones.
-I need to come up with a phrase for the frame on Jack's nightstand holding a picture of the three of us at the beach.
-Paint the desk chair once its warm enough outside to use the spray gun.
-I'm considering changing the white roman shade out for a bamboo roman shade for some contrast.
-Wondering if I should hang the sailboat sketch that's propped on his dresser.
-And, I have the entire alphabet to cover the wall at the foot of his bed just as soon as I get it all painted.

But, we love it.
And, although it's bittersweet to see my "baby" boy have such a big boy room,
he happens to love it too...

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  1. so sophisticated and grown up... it is such a peaceful room

  2. Wow. I cant believe that is his room. Boy those light fixtures look beautiful!!!!!!
    The room looks great.

  3. What a great job you did! I love the bedding!

  4. wow! it looks so awesome! i love it!

  5. He has a wonderful big boy space! I bet he is so happy! I love the bedspread! Thank you for linking!

  6. What an awesome job! I am in love with the side table and I obviously love the sailboat/beachy theme. So great. What a cool bedspread too.

    Check out my blog...Im having a contest :)

  7. Amanda, this is so great. That lamp looks so cool..make sure to tell your Dad I said so. What is the story behind the bedspread?

    xx - CB

  8. You did a wonderful job! I bet he absolutely loves it!

  9. Looks fabulous! Love the colors you picked - so calming.

  10. Yea! I love the wire basket and the nightstand and the dresser and the picture and the light! awesome!

  11. so darn cute, looks like he just loves it!! So where in FL will you be?! There should probably be a little cocktail hour if you are anywhere within 100 yards of me! High-Heeled Wife would probably join us as well! :)

  12. Such a great room! It looks so comfy and welcoming.


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