Thursday, October 22, 2009

life happens.

After an exciting weekend away to celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary we're back home facing projects galore. The most recent: painting the kitchen cabinets white. Fortunately, I've come across some amazing inspiration and beautiful (as well as cheap) finds lately.

Coming across Pottery Barn's "classic ticking stripe" duvet and euro shams in blue, on (say the magic word) clearance has inspired me to take our master bedroom in a beach cottage route. I've always said my soul belongs by the sea, so how perfect to have a romantic and soothing bedroom that takes my heart there.

Imagining our master with this bedding:

is what is keeping me motivated to finish our other projects at the moment so I can move on to creating this retreat. I imagine matchstick blinds and long flowing sheer curtains, inspiration drawn from this room. As well as possibly the lovely little Goodwill find from last week. A (faux) crystal chandelier! However, getting our BIG bedroom furniture painted black would be first on the list of bedroom changes so I better stay on the ball with:

painting the kitchen cabinets white
installing new kitchen and foyer trim
installing hardware for new kitchen curtains
helping handsome hubby with the photo ledge I want
having everything look presentable and spooky in time for Jack's Halloween birthday!

Whew, I need a nap. But, instead, I think I'll go pick up a paint brush.

Happy Inspirational Thursday!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Amanda!
    I'm so glad you emailed and told me about your blog! :-)


  2. We have such similar taste! LOL. I love that ticking stripe bed spread! And matchstick blinds will look great too! Can't wait to see it all pulled together! What colour did you go with for your kitchen cabinets? So excited to see before and afters of that too. It really is such a big job....but keep at it cause its soooo worth it in the end

  3. a piece of beach wood...the bleached looking white kind would look pretty hung horizontally as a wall hanging. :) Looked at the bedding you were talking about by the way. Was hoping you'd choose the blue one! Love it.

  4. Rebecca- we chose Behr's 'cotton fluff' for our kitchen cabinets. i'm worrying that it may be too bright of a white right now but it looks good at night. :) and i definitely didn't want cream so i'm sticking to it now that i feel committed. thanks for the encouragement. it's needed.

    Natalie- driftwood!!! i know! i want a piece and believe it or not, found a piece while travis and i were hiking on our anniversary weekend. it was perfect size. color was beautiful. i begged him to drag it the half a mile out of the woods and up the side of the mountain to the suv for me. wouldn't have been possible. :( i'll keep looking, closer to home.

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  6. Love the photo of the bedroom!


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