Friday, November 13, 2009

cowboys and an indian.

I have finally gotten the pictures from Jack's Halloween birthday uploaded and am excited to share. Alot has been going on around here, i.e. kitchen is still 'in the works', Jack had his 2-year checkup and is growing healthy, strong and more lovable than ever, and now that we have the birthday bash behind us it's time for us to focus on finishing the kitchen in time for a big Thanksgiving feast with family. I cannot wait to share photos of the kitchen. It doesn't even look like the same house in here, and let me tell you my friends, that is a good thing. ;)

I am happy to report, the kitchen cabinets (after a greuling process of learning not to spray primer through the paint gun) are no longer builders oak, but instead, a lovely shade of "cotton fluff". And just as my dear blog friend Rebecca told me, it was indeed worth all the hard work in the end. Thanks for the encouragement lovely.

For now, I'm happy to share that our little pumpkin's celebration of turning 2 was sweet and exciting, just like him. I was afraid he wouldn't quite understand that we were celebrating a special day for him but to my surprise, I think he caught on. He made his mama and daddy so proud at how he showed appreciation for every toy he recieved, and even shared the new ones with his cousin Alivia, and his little friends who were here.

With all of the house projects we've been tackling this year, our birthday bash planning seemed rushed. However, I think our "cowboys and indian" costumes turned out to be adorable and so suited our personalities....

Thanks to my dear friend Carrie, who despite having three little ones of her own, a hubby who travels quite a bit for work, and a house they're doing their own work to managed to find the time to send Jack a gift to support his oh-so-obvious desire to become a rock star one day...

One of my lovely best friends, Natalie, missed Jack's party (for good reason) but was sweet enough to extend his birthday by having gifts for him to open later. One of which was play-doh. gulp. We'll open those up sometime when daddy is home to assist. :)

 And his big surprise from his Grammie was a CARS quad, with a matching helmet and knee pads. My son the dare-devil, though, would much rather wear part of his Halloween costume even days after Halloween has passed as opposed to a cool new helmet. Point in case:

So far, there's been nothing terrible about 2 around here. :)

Hope to share kitchen photos soon. Stay tuned....


  1. Such cute pics! :-)
    I can't wait to see the "Cotton Fluff" cabinets too!!!

    Happy Saturday,

  2. Awwww he looks so cute! You guys are definitely one beautiful family~

    I am not sure how I haven't had time to come over and say hello before, but I will definitely be back! Your blog, home and family are just lovely.
    Thanks for all the comments, it is so refreshing to hear from a fellow perfectionist!!

  3. Thanks ladies, glad you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what was an extremely exciting day for us!

    You're a doll for saying such nice things. I have a hard time learning when to stay true to the perfectionist in me and when to calm it down, (situations like a window covered in little hand-prints is a good example), so it's nice to know someone else has the same battle with themselves. :)

  4. You have a beautiful family. You are very blessed. Glad I stopped by to visit your adorable blog. Good luck with all your projects. Can't wait to see finished results. Hang in there! ~jamilyn

  5. Amanda! Long time no talk chickie! I promise to write back soon! I've been so in a zone lately with Nathaniels depoloyment! ....Your halloween costumes are AWESOME! I love it!(and you looked beautiful!) What a fun day that must have been...especially for Jack! He looks oh so happy on that sweet red car he's got now!
    I'm really excited to see your kitchen was sooo much work hey?? I bet it looks great!
    Talk to you soon!!!


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