Tuesday, November 24, 2009

opinions. everyone has one, right?

Now is a time I find myself wishing I was lucky enough to have a whole slew of followers because I need opinions people! I'm so gracious for the seven that I do have and I would love your thoughts, on a few things actually.

1st.) Please take a look at the previous post and let me know what you think about the bar area. Close it in with lighted shelves for cookbooks and ironstone? Or leave it as a small 'bar/eating' area?

2nd.) We have a HUGE empty wall in our living room and want to install a photo ledge similar to this one over at The Lettered Cottage. Our dilemma is, should we install one? Or two? It, or they, would be the entire length of the wall but sans the beadboard. Unless of course within the next few hours I can convince Travis to go ahead with the beadboard because I'm all for it!

Here is the big expansive wall. (17 ft. ceilings and just over 10 ft. wide)


Nevermind that big (unromantic) recliner in the corner. I want to replace it with an upholstered chair or an arm chair and a reading lamp.Other than our huge furniture and our buffet-turned-entertainment center (thanks to craigslist and some RL 'roadster white' paint) our living room is a big blank canvas we're working on adding some coziness to.

We sure are looking forward to hearing your thoughts/ideas/opinions!


  1. What an amazing large living room! I would definitely do a tall photo ledge, especially with the lower half painted white, whether you do beadboard or just well spaced out vertical boards that give some character. Some super tall dramatic white drapes on those tall windows would be cool too! :)

    I like your kitchen just how it is.. especially since the chairs fit snug under it. Our kitchen is similar in the bar area & it's always nice to have room for people to actually be able to sit comfortably there while I'm in the kitchen.

    I added you to my favorite blogs along the side of mine, so hopefully more of my readers will click through & give you some input as well! Good luck!

  2. I think a shelf like the one at The Lettered Cottage would look great in this room. I am a huge fan of beadboard though and have it in my kitchen and my son's room. I do think it would look great in this room too and would break up such a large wall - keep nagging - it usually works for me!

    I think boxing in a shelving unit at your breakfast bar would work and would look really good but it is handy to have somewhere to sit in the kitchen so whatever you decide will work!

    It is hard to get followers - I'm new to this too - and the more you get the more help you get so just keep commenting on all the blogs you like and you'll get noticed (so I'm told). Good luck x

  3. I love the picture ledge!! i think its a great idea. im just not so sure how expensive and realistic it is in such a large space? but i would go for it. :)

    as for the bar, what if you just did some of those cabinets for your cookbooks over top of the bar, but leave room so you can still use it to eat, and maybe put some lighting under it? in my head, it looks awesome! haha. its hard to put words to it i guess. well, i enjoy your blog! :D

  4. I would do a huge photo ledge that covers the whole wall...its a huge room with lots of negative space because of the tall cailings. It's a good way to add interest to the room.


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