Thursday, March 11, 2010

new favorites. giveaways. and, a baby?

I just came across two blogs that I'm excited to add to my ever growing list of "favorites" and both of them are having fabulous giveaways. Anne from Fiona and Twig is giving away a hatbox full of vintage flea market goodies. Yes, that's right... vintage. flea market. goodies. What're you waiting on... go enter ladies! Oh, wait wait wait... there's another!!! Kasey from Lola B's is giving away an absolutely stunning handmade shade (or three chandie shades, the winner's choice) along with a few things from Anthropologie. That's right, a few things from Anthro! Ok, so now, GO GO GO enter. But not before checking out the most precious newborn baby boy that one of my very best friend's welcomed into the world today....

Welcome to the world sweet baby boy.
Camden Nicholas
March 11, 2010 at 9:28 a.m.
8lb. 6oz. 21in. long
(makes me miss my "baby" boy being an actual baby)

That's right, the kid has personality already! ;)

I hope to be back tomorrow (or very soon) to share with you all the Craigslist finds I've gotten lucky with lately. And I mean "gotten lucky with" in the most innocent way.... ;)

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