Thursday, August 5, 2010

living room sneak peak.

I am obsessed with stripes. Fabrics. Walls. Rugs. Doesn't matter; if it's striped, I'm sure to love it. So in thinking about what to do with our sofa pillows and searching for fabrics I've started leaning toward doing striped linen opposed to solid white linen. I mean how could one not want a little dose of this kind of lovlieness...

*all images courtesy of decorpad

Soooo, what do you ladies think?

*this* (the wide striped linen) for the large pillows covering the back of the sofa?

Or simple white linen for the large suede pillows with just a few striped toss pillows added?

By the way, recognize that coffee table? My $20 Craigslist find that used to look like this? And, the rug that all of my closest Ikea stores were sold out of but with a $29.99 price tag, it was worth my parents going an hour out of their way on their visit home from Florida this summer to pick one up for me at the Orlando Ikea. Check them out here.

So, there's a minor sneak peak of the always under construction living room. The dilemma now is, solid or stripes? Help. :)


  1. Hmmm...I love the stripes, but would you tire of that more easily? You can always mix the solid up by having lots of different patterned, striped, solid, burlap, etc. toss pillows. Let us know what you decide! :)

  2. I LOVE stripes. It's so nice to find another fellow stripe lover lol. I really like all of the pictures you posted too.

  3. I would do solid and then toss some stripes in with pillows...I LOVE stripes too but it would be so easy to change things up with a solid. However, my opinion is definitely shaped by my needing to change things often...way too often :-)

  4. I think solid pillows for the back, with a few striped accent pillows in front would look awesome!

  5. I am a stripe girl from way back! I'd go stripes. I have a bolt of stripe fabric waiting to adorn my sofa but I have several projects to finish before I get onto that. The picture in my mind of how fantastic it will look is what gives me motivation to get on with all my other projects.

  6. I am also a HUGE fan of stripes.. however I think the white linen would be more fitting for the main pillows on the sofa. Then stripes as accents :)

  7. I'm loving stripes right now as well. Very pretty fabric. I would go with large solid pillows, then several stripe throw pillows. You can take the left over stripe fabric, and make a runner for your coffee table, or add it to a lamp or drapes or something.

  8. ooooh i love the green and white striped couch

  9. I'm a big fan of stripes well! My drapes, my pillows, even my rug, are all stripes!

    And that I love your coffee table!


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