Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's not anything new that my thoughts on what to do with our akward living room change frequently. But, I think I've started to accept that our giant leather (less than three years old) sofa must stay. Emphasis on started to accept. So, I've been going over ideas in my head and searching blogs and images online trying to find ideas that will make me not hate the giant dark beast that feels like an eyesore in our living room.

Recently I did come across an image on Rebecca's blog from a visit to her aunt and uncle's house that made me looove the look of their leather furniture with gorgeous gray walls and lots and lots of WHITE!

I am in love with this room. Leather and all. :) That chandelier. The linen romans and drapes. Giant picturesque windows. Dark hardwood floors. The fireplace. Um, that sailboat! I dream of it all. Buuuuut, since I only have the leather furniture and linen drapes, I'm thinking that may be a good enough starting point to go ahead and embrace accept our leather sofa and make it work for us. So, no slipcovered sectional for me just yet and back to the game plan of having white linen pillow covers made for the suede pillows that serve as the back of the couch we already have. I've decided though I want decorative pillows as well and in my search for "striped linen fabric" for those, I came across a darling little fabric store,

Sew To Speak fabric store not more than thirty minutes from our home! AND, she has a blog!

Despite not having found any simple linen stripe fabric like I thought I wanted, I did find this:

Not only am I obsessed with stripes, but I have a new found love of yellow. And, how could this NOT remind me of the beach??? Completely unlike my typical simple style, I think I need this fabric for fun summery toss pillows. Looks like a trip to a certain nearby fabulous little fabric store is in order...


  1. Hello new friend! WE DO have more in common than we think...I also have giant DARK BROWN leather sofas in my living room that the hubs picked out when I was pregnant with Mason (I was super sick my first trimester and didnt care to be shopping so I gave in). Oh boy do I wish we would have bought something different BUT they are only 3 years old so I have to deal OR slipcover them (haven't quite convinced him that its a good idea to put white over our easily cleanable leather with kidos in the house! haha). I actually read a ladies blog (of course I cant remember which one) but she has slipcover brown leather sofas. However, I have decided to embrace our warm, dark and cozy living room although I LOVE white. I am just going to love it in our bedroom and Maggies room for now :-( The rest of the house is dark/warm/reds/golds/greens/blacks/browns...anything but white...oh its sad. Oh and thanks about the sweet comments on my sweet little ones! They are really really good looking kids, Im not biased or anything ;-) ha. And yes you did read the time right...2:50 AM, YES. Thank you Maggie for the mid-night wake up :-)

  2. I love that picture!!!! my next house will have light gray walls with just a hint of pale aqua blue ;)!!
    Thanks for the inspiration as always!!!

  3. I recognize that house...its my Uncles! I love that room too. I find that having really light walls and bright white trim totally helps brighten the room if you have dark couches. I happen to love dark leather couches though ;)


  4. Hey Amanda! I'm so glad you liked their home so much!!! I'm glad it helped you to embrace what you already have a little more ;) I think dark leather furniture is more common than we think (I'm still in the same boat with my burgungy set)...hey...I'll trade your dark brown ones for my burgundy??? LOL I only wish mine were brown! I can't wait to see what your living room looks like after you've put your special touches into it! Everything you make over looks amazing and I know this is no exception!!


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