Thursday, September 2, 2010


My absolute favorite part of Fall (with the exception of my little Pumpkin's Halloween Birthday) is

Ohio State Buckeye Football!!!

And, tonight is the first game of the season so you can imagine my excitement. Can I get a "hell yeah" from any of you ladies that are football fans?! ;)



  1. I-O!

    Haha, I went to school at Ohio State so GO BUCKS! :) I'm trying to score tix to the Iowa/Ohio State game when they play here later this fall cuz I would love nothing more than to wear my scarlet and gray in a sea of black and gold!

  2. Hey beautiful! Football season started here as well and although it isn't nearly as big as it is in the States I had a customer in my work the other day from Louisiana and she was all about the football so I think I got a taste of your excitement! I have to be honest and say I've never gone to a game yet...but I think I need to try it :)

  3. FOOTBALL!!!! the hubs is a huge Ohio State fan:)
    PS thank you so much for your comment on the gallery wall my heart just about exploded when I read it! you have a such a way with words and your comments always make my day!!!
    your WONDERFUL:)!

  4. How about an OH-no! :) LOL Hawkeye fan here.. but I will admit, the sweet sound of football on TV last night in the background was just fabulous! I'm beyond excited for the first Iowa game this weekend!!! Love it!

  5. Like Jessica, I am too a Hawkeye girl and I LOOOOOVE college football! Season ticket holders and all. Fall and pumpkins, and football...OH MY! Love, love, love!!! Good to see a post from you...I have missed ya!

  6. Hey Amanda! Football is so much bigger down there than it is up here. It would be so much fun to have such excitement and team spirit around here :) All we have is a silly hockey team called the Salmon Kings lol. Don't get me wrong, hockey is awesome but I think there is something to said about the fun that seems to come along with a football game.

    Jess xox


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