Tuesday, September 21, 2010

project mania.

With summer coming to an end, my family visiting from Florida who won't be back again for another 9 months, and new projects being added to our garage daily, my time for blogging has been emtremely limited. So I thought I'd catch you all up with a few photos of what I've been up to, and save the stunning "afters" for later posts when I can devote the deserving amount of time to them. My days have been spent enjoying what's left of the nice weather with my little man, or turning "ugly" into "lovely".

misc. 'small' projects:

Of course there is alot more work that goes into these things than those few pictures show, and I've added projects since that I've either forgotten to take a "before" of, or haven't even taken the time to photograph them at all yet. But, there is a whole lotta' goodness to show you all very soon.

I hope you lovelies have enjoyed your last day of summer. Hellloooo fall, my favorite of all seasons.


  1. If I haven't already said so, that little boy of yours is so darn cute! Oh, lamp shades...are those ghost lamp befores? Can't wait to see all the afters.

  2. Yes, HELLOOOO FALL!! :) Can't wait to see what you do with all those amazing finds!

  3. WHERE OH WHERE are you??? I miss you lotsa! I haven't had much time to blog or read any of my favorite blogs since school started but I just found some time today to do some reading and I see you've been MIA for almost 2 months! I hope everything is going great with you guys!!! XO

  4. I have to ask what your plans are for the brass/beveled glass hanging light fixture???? I see similar styles all the time at the local RESTORE and I'd be interested to know if you somehow found a way to make it look fabulous! Thanks!


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