Thursday, March 24, 2011

i have a serious case of "bedhead".

It's not going to be new news that I'm having a hard time making a decision.
Must be the Gemini traits interfering with my master bedroom makeover.

You didn't know I was making over my master bedroom?
Well, me either really.

That is, until I casually mentioned to my aunt that I was wanting to sell the furniture in our bedroom and she, without hesitation, said she wanted it!

I'm sure I have pictures of it floating around somewhere that I will dig up for the actual before and after post. But for now, let's just say that a giant matching set of headboard, footboard, dresser with mirror and cedar chest (in oak, I think) didn't do any favors to our kind-of-on-the-small-side master bedroom that gets very little natural sunlight.

So, two weeks after my aunt said she wanted it... it was gone.

And although I already had bedding I love, decided on two nightstands, scored an antique ornate mirror from Craigslist, and moved the armoire from the guest room to hide the fact that we do indeed have a tv in the bedroom...

I cannot decide on a bed!

Do I want metal?
Or upholstered?
Just the headboard?
Or, headboard and footboard?

So, here we go again friends.
I need to know what you think???

To give you an idea of the "feel" I want in the room, here is a list of what we have so far:

An antique ornate mirror similar to this one but it's black. And I may paint it white.

A lamp similar to this one at Dear Lillie.

And I'm thinking of painting the room Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore.

So... the bed choices I'm looking at are:

The Kensington Bed or headboard, from JC Penney.
$329 for a king size with footboard, on sale.
$169 for a king size headboard only, on sale.

Which has a much more budget friendly price than very similar ones for much more at Pottery Barn, seen below.

$1249 king size, on sale.

$849 king size, on sale.

I found this image on google and would paint the JC Penney bed/headboard a creamy white similar to the one seen here shown with lovely floral bedding.


Do I order this beauty from

$406.15 with free shipping for king size, in Shatung Silk.
 $412.09 with free shipping for king size in White Velvet.
Similar to this bedroom I'm head over heels for.

*Jennifer, if you're reading... I'd love your thoughts and opinion! ;)
(I have a serious blog crush on her people. Check her out, you'll see why!)

So, ladies, which do I go with?

The metal bed or headboard with vintage flair and a PB look from JC Penney and paint it a creamy white?
The comfy upholstered and elegantly tufted headboard from Amazon?

Which do you love most?
And, why?

Both are in the budget so looks and practicality are my biggest selling points.

Also, a little fyi: There are four rooms in the house undergoing a makeover right now.
Hence the lack of blog posts.
It's like a disease I have that I can't just finish a room before moving onto another.

So, watch out for updates in the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and guest room.
A big reveal of Jack's bathroom/the guest bathroom  which was a random project I suddenly tackled but is DONE and just needs photographed.

A little hint, I got the shower curtain seen in this post and LOVE it!

That reminds me... I need to find something fabulous to giveaway!
Especially since I'm 1 away from from 100 followers!

A Spring inspired gift set since this Ohio weather is making me bonkers???
I spent last weekend in sandals.
This weekend, it's supposed to snow.
"Really?", you ask.
Yes. Really.

Alright, enough rambling for me.
You? Time for your opinion.
Ready? Go!


  1. I think the vintage metal bed would look great with the vibe you have going in there - I wouldn't even paint it though - I think the dark metal against the white bedding looks really beautiful. (But if you do end up painting it white I think that will look beautiful too!)

    And I know what you mean about the weather - I had to shovel twice yesterday -since we got about four inches here in Minneapolis!

  2. oh I am loving the first metal bed. With the light bedding, wall color and furniture it will really show up.

  3. I like the first metal bed you have pictured from JCPenny, I also like it with the head and footboard! Can't wait to see what you do! Jennifer is amazingly talented, isn't she!

    If you have time, head over to my blog and let me know which shower curtain you I am also having trouble choosing! What else is new, huh!

  4. I think you need a white upholstered headboard in a gorgeous linen to add some texture to the room (maybe a DIY project). I would forgo the footboard because it might take away from the beautiful details in your bedding.

  5. I just happened upon your blog while searching for bedroom inspiration, and I have to tell you that our bedrooms are probably going to look very similar! I want to paint our walls gray, I have the Shabby Chic duvet and shams you pictured and I can't afford the Claudia bed from PB so I've been looking at the Kensington from JCP!

    I too am selling my massive, inherited from my grandmother oak furniture because our tiny master with virtually no sunlight needs lighter furniture and colors.

    I'll be following along to see what you do with your bedroom makeover...


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