Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rated G to R, all in one post!

The rated G part is this absolutely amazingly perfect nursery that Jennifer at Dear Lillie put together.

Not only is Jennifer gorgeous, talented (she made all of that crib bedding and managed to keep a full size bed in the room for guests!), super sweet and creative, but she's pregnant with her second (destined to be beautiful) daughter and full of energy to keep sharing amazing inspiration with all of us blogger ladies (and gents).

That nursery is utter perfection.

Which is what brings me to the rated R portion of this blog post...

that nursery makes me want to make a baby right.this.moment. so I have need for it to be copied in my house.

And, it just dawned on me... it IS indeed "hump" day.
You know you laughed.

In all seriousness, when the day comes that another little one of our own is on his or her way, we will be using this nursery as total inspiration. Color scheme, guest bed, and all!

Now go tell Jennifer what an amazing job she did on that nursery.
Find an idea or two you want to copy in your own home because her house is as gorgeous as she is.
And, check out her Etsy shop.

Happy Wednesday Hump Day, you sexy ladies.


  1. Haha - you are too funny and thanks for all of the sweet compliments!

  2. Dear Lillie is talented and a great blogger....look at her comment above me!


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