Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a dream that needs fulfilled.

I've already got the groom, a ring on my finger, and the papers have all been signed.

Now, I just need this...

an ideal location has already been offered.

hay bails and all...

this dress would be fabulous.

or maybe this one.

as would these shoes.

gray suits for the fellas?

cowgirl boots for the 'maids'?

or neutral colored babydoll dresses?

a ring bearer worthy of stealing the spotlight.

stunning headband. lovely bouquet. a horse to ride up on...?

'family favorite' favors.

cake's cuter younger sister. ...cupcakes!

mason jars. candlelight. done deal.

the best thing to happen to a reception after dark.
true story.

the driver: pure sweetness
the just married couple in the back: wedded bliss

ahhhhh. one day...


  1. ahhhhh those mason jars filled with candlelight are sooo gorgeous! Wish I had thought of this for my wedding!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! I may just need to do a give away with that headband!! Or maybe I'll just make a bunch and send you one ;D

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  3. Love the shoes and the vintage feel...truly adorable and would definately be memorable


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