Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...and one more thing.

I'd rather buy a new paint roller each time I need one than wash out the one that I've used.

The good news is: Jack's room is painted. Done. Finished. Complete!
The even better news is: I loooove the COLOR!!!

It's Horizon by Benjamin Moore (although I had it color matched in Behr paint). It's a light gray with a faint blue hue. Perfect for a little guys beachy bedroom. More on that to come once we get him a big boy bed and I can start having fun decorating! I already know it'll be my favorite room in the house, and the one I'll be most proud of.

On to a "Craigslist steal" / "Intimidating Project" note. I picked up this chair over the weekend for $35. Which is $15 higher than my typical price point of Craigslist finds but well worth it.

What?! You don't like it?! Geesh, rude.
Ok, ok, I don't like it either. At least not with that fabric on it. But, what if... it looked like this?

Stunning, you say?
I know.

So it looks like I better finally open the sewing machine I got for Christmas last year and learn how to use the intimidating little piece of magic to create a lovely slipcover for my not-so-lovely Craigslist find.

Wish me luck. Lots of it.

And, tips are welcome and appreciated.
Not the kind you'd give to someone for bringing you delicious food, serving you an adult beverage, or making your favorite 'cup of joe'.

The kind of tips that would help me learn to sew.
*just making sure we're on the same page people*

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