Monday, December 20, 2010

let's be friends. shall we?

I hate being this thin.

I don’t have the patience for the one kid I have, and yet I want about three more.

I usually only paint my toenails black, or bubblegum pink.

I don’t always wear a bra.

I can cook, but prefer not to.

It makes me happy to open a fresh can of paint.

I’ve fallen asleep in the bath, more than once.

My grandparents raised me.

I delivered my son so fast, the doctor almost didn’t make it in time.

My name means “worthy of love”.

I’ve been with the man I’m now married to for 11 years. I’m 26. Do the math. ;)

I was afraid of dogs until I got my first one at age 19. RIP Max.

I absolutely loved labor and delivery. No joke, I would experience it every day if I could.

I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 18.

I’ve lived in 5 different cities in 8 years.

If I had three wishes, one of them would be to sleep in every day for the rest of my life.

There are times I wish I could do about nine loads of laundry at once.

My boobs may be fake, but my personality isn’t, so don’t judge me.
(we'll leave this one to the imagination. hehehe.)

I look terrible as a blonde.

The only thing I’ve learned from my mother is to be nothing like her.

My son was born 9 months to the day after my niece was born.

I’d rather repaint a room than clean it.

I fold a fitted sheet, perfectly.

The only time I iron is when stitch witchery is involved.

Sometimes, when I want to soak in a hot bath but Jack is being needy, I put him in the bath with me.

I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. …I take that back. I still want to be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.

I have very few girlfriends but can count on the ones I do have.

I hate anything in the morning that doesn’t involve sleeping in, sex, or bacon.

I truly believe I have angels in my life.

I like buffalo dip and football, just as much as I like pedicures and ruffled anything.

I hate my laugh.

I have a tattoo on each foot and want more.

I could enjoy ranch dressing on almost everything.

I may be a married, mother, who is closer to 30 than 20 but I still wear cotton candy scented body lotion.

I’m pretty good at singing, and do so, loudly.

I get my “neat freak/everything has to be a certain way” problem, from my dad.

I dream of having a little girl with curly hair, wearing ruffled skirts and cowgirl boots but feel more confident in having another boy.

I cannot go without mascara and lipgloss.

I am addicted to diet coke and Starbucks.

I love being barefoot.

I wish to meet, shop, have coffee, and laugh with all of my lovely blog friends.

*this post inspired by Little Miss Momma*

so what about you, friend?

*be sure to link back to this post and let me know if you choose to share "need to know" details about yourself! :)


  1. I wish I could spill it all out as you did. Thanks for sharing.

  2. HEHE, this is great! I think I will be creating a link party for this so stay tuned to add your hilarious post!

  3. {Love} Girls are fun I have a two yr old with curly hair.. not so fun.. but when its not a ratted mess its cute :) I am waiting on my second daughter to arrive & I wonder if she will have curly hair too!

    I don't like big boobs but I am not against boob jobs :)

    I too don't always wear a bra HA!

    Would love to meet for coffee sometime ;)

  4. ah, i would totally use one of my wishes as being able to sleep in every day too.. & being a victoria secret model when i grow up is on the top of my list, haaha. i LOVED your list! :]

  5. I loved your list! Congrats on your 11 years! that's amazing! I would love some Kim Kardashian butt implants butt I would not go through that pain :)

  6. love your list! It was such a fun idea that I had to participate as well. I just found your blog from the link party and I love your home style.

  7. I followed you over from LMM, and I love your list! it made me LOL, and also say awww (about your little guy). Nice to meet you!

  8. I am your newest follower, I really like your blog plus you are gorgeous girl!
    I am going to be making one of these BFF posts here sometime today so hopefully you'll follow me back and enjoy! :)

  9. What a fun post!!! Thanks for sharing! :) I think your post just made my day! Haha... Come visit my post too! :)

  10. LOVE THIS!

    Thanks for linking up at Little Miss Momma! I did too!!

  11. What a great list! Your little boy is precious! I linked up at LMM today too!

  12. I also want more kids, 3 to be exact, but sometimes I lose my patience with the one that I have.
    I wish I could sleep in every day!
    I also have a tattoo on my ankle :)
    and hello, my name is Courtney and I am addicted to diet coke

  13. Your post cracks me up! One of my wishes would be to sleep in as well! I'm 10028310923% nicer that way.

  14. Wow that is awesome you have been married soo long! I loved your list. I loved having a baby too!!

    You are awesome.

    - Shawntae

  15. Loved your list. Found it on LMM. Wrote my own, too.
    And although I don't have any kids, I would like to have three myself. My husband wants girls. I want boys. Too bad there's no way to compromise on that ahead of time.

    Ninth Street Notions

  16. Love your list.. So many of these ring true to myself. I did this as well..

  17. Holy crap, I seriously related to so much of your stuff...particularly the "diet coke/Starbucks" and "the only thing I learned from my mother was to be nothing like her".

    You are lucky to be married to the love of your life.


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