Thursday, September 3, 2009

ten years ...and counting.

It's been ten years, to the day, since I first met the man I now share a home, a son, and a last name with. ...and I knew, the moment I met him that we were going to share something special. I may not have been able to imagine just how special our relationship would become but it didn't take long and I knew this was the man I wanted to spend my life with.
The clincher is, I was fifteen. He was twenty.
Needless to say, we had to hide our relationship.
(Mainly, from my dad. For obvious reasons.)

How did we meet, you ask.
Long story, short...
My friend met his roommate and had an attraction. His roommate invited my friend to bring a friend and we'd all hang out, along with the man who turned out to be my now husband.
Lucky me.

So my girlfriend (who was much older than me) and I took a road trip from Cincinnati (where I'm from) to Columbus where the fellas were living through college. I had not seen a picture of Travis nor did I have any idea what he looked like, but I trusted my girlfriend knew my 'taste'. And I had talked to him on the phone once and it was as if I was having a conversation with a good old friend. When we pulled up both fellas were sitting on the porch. As we approached the house it was clear that they were both attractive. However, my IMMEDIATE thought was, "please let that be Travis". As it turned out, that was indeed Travis. Now, here's where it starts to sound cliche'. As he introduced himself and shook my hand I felt so comfortable and at ease with him. I trusted him and could sense that he too felt this 'connection'. I realize now, looking back, that it was a crazy thing to do. I mean, if ever a daughter of ours were to pull a stunt like this, we'll lock her in the basement. But, lucky for me, Travis was the sweetest, most caring and respectful man I'd met since my grandfather. We spent the entire night awake, talking. Ok, and maybe kissing. Maybe. ;) From that day forward we snuck around seeing each other, getting to know one another, and falling in love.

Things were hard to cope with. He was working through college. I was growing up. We missed each other and went as long as 6 months at one point between seeing each other. And yet, we were determined to be together. It felt like the longest three years until I turned 18. But when I did, and my dad finally met the man he once told to "stay away from his daughter, or else"... he actually pulled Travis aside and apologized for that comment made in earlier years. It became clear to everyone else, what I'd known all along... that his intentions were good, from the start.
He simply loved me.

We've had our ups, and certainly our downs. We've spent time apart. We've gone through heartbreak, lossed loved ones, new cities, and everything else life throws at couples. But here we are, ten years later, married, with a beautiful healthy son, a warm and welcoming home to share when the outside world becomes too chaotic, and more memories to reflect on than we could've imagined that evening we first met.

As expected we sent quite a few letters & cards back and forth, and spent many hours on the phone over the years we were falling in love. This morning I came across an image that brought tears to my eyes. A simple photo it may seem, but photos spark the pilot light of memories.
...and this photo reminded me of a card I once gave to Travis.

"you hold the umbrella. i'll hold you."

I love how the simplest things stand out amidst a decade of memories.

It's been a joy writing this and reliving in my mind our special moments, the struggles we've made it through, that day almost two years ago that we said "I do", and of course the moment we welcomed our son to our lives. Thank you to my friends and family who have shared this journey with me. You all have made all the difference.

...I can't wait for the next rainy day. Now if only I can find an umbrella. ;)

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  1. I remember in Florida when you first shared this story with me. And even after reading it again I get warm fuzzies and feel giddy like a little girl at a slumber party talking about crushes. Love those memories.


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