Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fabulous for sure!

Don't you just love coming across a giveaway that you swoon over? Well ladies, be sure to go say hello to fabulous k today because she has an UH-mazing stella & dot giveaway for a $50 shopping credit. AND, you can enter up to SEVEN times. We all know 7 is supposed to be the luckiest of numbers so best of luck my lovely friends.

My favorite piece (although it's nearly impossible to pick just ONE) is the Clover Key Necklace.

Share your favorites, and of course let me know if you win so I can swoon over your pick! :)


  1. Thank you for posting about the giveaway! Good luck!!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! Off to enter now!

    And thanks for the sweet comment about the sectional.. I am also WISHING for a beautiful slipcovered one however the hubs will never ever go for it, unless we have more than one living room. So maybe one day! Until then, it's accessorizing with whites on this one! :)


thank you for stopping by and as always, for your kind comments. each and every one sure does bring a smile to my face.