Thursday, July 15, 2010

take a seat.

Maybe you all remember the days when I used to post regularly, and, maybe you're new to the blog and are disappointed in how infrequent my posts are. Either way, you must know I don't like it either but life takes over these things sometimes ya know. I'm working on it... ;)

Well, back in the days of regular posts our "sitting area", which is actually just an akward extra section off of the living room, looked like THIS.

That first shot with the toy box and animals... I cannot even believe I ever let it look like that. But, the little baby pretty much ran this house at that time. :) And, although the second shot was muuuuuch better, I just knew that dresser was one that wouldn't stay for long. Although lovely, I envisioned something else. Something along these lines....

Now if you don't mind I'd like to go over the exact changes in this space because the littlest things made the biggest difference.

Notice old white blinds and heavy (ugly) drapes were replaced with flatstick roman shades, new drapery hardware and lovely linen curtains. The refinished dresser was replaced with a storage cabinet I found on Craigslist for $20!!! Gave it a fresh coat of "summer gray" paint and new hardware (sorry I forgot the before picture but lets just say huge brass eagle heads served as hardware, UGH!), adorned it with some of my favorite accessories and voila'. Flanking the cabinet are two chairs I picked up at Goodwill for $6 each. They once looked like this...

I wasn't so much for the chipped yellow paint and Navajo type print fabric. So, more white paint and clearance navy pinstriped fabric and these two beauties seriously make me swoon. Last but certainly not least, that builders light fixture that once barely lit the space has been replaced with a brand new $30 chandelier I found at *wait for it* JC Penney Furniture Outlet.

Other than changing out the photos, adding more books, and making tags for our photo boxes, I'd say this area will look like this permanently. Eventually a table will be added for use as a desk but details on that will come with the updated living room post. ;)


  1. Missed you!!! your house is coming along so nicely!!!! it's giving me some inspiration I've kinda given up and asked hubs for a new house ;) obviously that won't be happening for a while so I better get used this house!
    I completely understand about life getting in the way as you can tell from my infrequent posts but I do enjoy your posts very much!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

    PS Have we talked about your new header?? LOVE it!!! such a beautiful family you have!!

  2. Totally missed reading your blog! Glad your back!!! Can't believe you found those chairs at Goodwill....those are awesome. replacing fabric scares did a GREAT job! I have a sweet 4 poster bed find that I need to before and after. I will post those pics in Sept when we move. Can't wait to see how it turns out. :) Great post!!!

  3. Ok, here are a few sites that I searched TRYING to find that one pic. I thought you would enjoy these while I try and find the room that you like. she has some cool ideas for decorating site is the one I thought that pic was on...I LOVE this site. her! pics.

    Ok, so...I cannot find where I got this pic....I have been looking while posting my fav's. I do however think that this shot was on a designer blog, so..that pic was the only one of that room.

    I'll keep looking though. Also, I think those pillows would be easy to do. I am going to make one real similar and all you need is linen for your fab and then fabric paint.

    I'll get back to you if I find that pic. :)

  4. Yay!!! So glad to see a new post :) Dont worry I SOOOOO know what you mean by life trumps posting!! Haha I didn't post for like 7 months...oopsie! I LOOOOOVE your harp chairs and that gorgous bookshelf! You did an amazing job pretty lady! And yes as the lady mentioned above I am LOVING your new header and your family is so precious!!

  5. Great job Amanda! I love your shelf...and your chairs for that matter. That space looks beautiful now. I would be one happy camper if that was my lovely home.



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