Saturday, July 24, 2010

good morning sunshine (award).

I feel like my blog has been less than up to par lately so you can imagine my surprise this morning when I saw that Jessica from Sea To My Heart gave me the Sunshine Award. Thank you Jessica, that surely was sweet.

This award comes with really fun rules:

1. Thank the blogger that gave you the award.
2. List 7 things about yourself people may not know.
3. Share the award with three other deserving bloggers you've recently discovered (and love).
4. Let the recipients know you gave them an award.

Soooo, I get to share fun facts about myself AND share a few new favorite blogs? Um, yes please.

Random facts about moi:

1. I truly believe I belong by the sea. I'm a different person when I'm near the ocean.
2. I met my husband when I was only 15. Which means we've been together nearly 11 years! Married for nearly 3. That's exhasuting just to think about. ;)
3. I am hands down the most fickle person I know. Gemini.
4. My grandparents raised me.
5. I think I'm addicted to furniture. Seriously.
6. I have very few close friends, and hate that fact.
7. When I was young I was afraid of dogs. Having recently lost my first dog, I learned just how much you truly can love an animal.

Now that I've bored you all to death here are three favorite "new to me" blogs for you to check out! AND, be sure to head on over and see what Jessica has been up to at Sea To My Heart. She's been up to some lovely transforming that I just know you all will love. Example:

A few other lovelies to meet are:

1. Michelle at Three Men and a Lady (whose striped hallway has been seen on blogs everywhere and still amazes me every time.)

2. Anonymous ;) at Shabby Addict (who just revealed the adorable nursery she created for her daughter)
*I'm such a new follower I've not yet even figured out your name. I'm sorry!

3. Jessica at Living Bettter Together (although her blog is not that new to me, she throws parties I can only dream of attending. they're adorable and seem like so much FUN! so you girls should check her out too.)

I'm inspired by each and every blog I follow and although seeing so much talent sometimes makes it hard on this fickle girl to decide which direction she'd like to take her home in, the good stuff you all share sure does help!

Have a sunshining Saturday lovelies!


  1. Oh my gosh, how sweet are you?! Thanks so much!! :) Trust me, if you lived closer, I know you would be rockin' your swimsuit & santa hat at my pool.. we would LOVE to have you! I'll be sure to post pics! XO

  2. Thanks so much for the input~it really helps me out to hear what others think! I have been checking your blog frequently~I love your style and like to see what ideas you have! Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

  3. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for stopping by and you kind comments! I hope the printables help out with your kitchen - Let me know if you have any problems printing any of the designs. I have a surprise waiting for you. Check out the post here:

    Hope you are enjoying your week! Stephanie Lynn

  4. Loved your 7 things :) As soon as we move home to Victoria I'll save you a spot next to to the Sea :) How amazing is it that you and your man have been sweethearts for so long...I LOVE hearing about long lasting love!

  5. Ahhh shucks...thank you for your kind words and for passing along the love!


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