Thursday, July 22, 2010

a zoo of a day.

Since Travis was out of town a few days this week for work, the little guy and I stayed busy to keep our minds off of how lonely it can be without hubby/daddy around to make us crazy. ;)

Tuesday we spent the afternoon having lunch with my sister-in-law and scoping out the house they're buying closer to us! Yesterday we left home early to make the two hour drive south and spend the day at the zoo with my girlfriend, sister, her boyfriend, and my neice. After filling our bellies on our packed lunches we braved the heat, humidity, and threatening gray clouds to catch a glimpse of "wild animals". Little did we know we'd do more than catch a glimpse of a few.

Jack thought it was so cool to feed the giraffe although I doubt he'll realize how exciting that really is until he's older. I was jealous. ;)

My neice Alivia exclaimed the giraffe hurt her already existing thumb "boo boo". Oh, little girls. :)

By mid afternoon the heat, crowd, and lack of nap started taking it's toll. Point in case:

*notice the clenched fists in complete aggravation? I've said it before, "It's a good thing he's so cute!"

All was calm again once we entered the petting zoo!

Jack found the one and only goat not interested in the feeding frenzy and nearly force fed him.

Once the poor goat accepted, it was game over. Alivia even got in on the action and it was two persistent toddlers against one exhausted goat. We all know who won here.

Adorable moment: Jack trying to help a sweet little sheep get more food from the dispenser.

 A quick stop by the Polar Bears made us want to take a dip of our own to cool off.

And off to the (indoor) pool we were headed.

*sorry for the poor cell phone photo quality

An amazing day it was with people I love the most, memorable experiences with the kids, and just the reminder I needed that even cloudy days can produce smiles.

*Sidenote: With a good nights sleep behind me I was able to put a real effort and clear headed thought into the blog design today and am quite pleased with how it turned out. Sorry for the mess while it was "under construction". :)


  1. HA! those fists of fury are too cute!! and look at you!! you HOT skinnny mini!!! I hope I look at least 1/2 as good as you when I have kids!!

  2. I think the pic where Jack is trying to help the sheep get food from the dispenser is SO freakin cute!!!! Looks like it was beyond hot that day!!! And I am SO loving the look of your blog! Love it! XO

  3. Okay so here I am digging through your blog instead of that Maggie is done eating! ha, thanks A LOT! ;-) but seriously how cute is your kid! and I love his shoes! My fav pic is the food dispenser! What a helpful little guy! haha. so cute. and walking to the pool hand in hand with his THAT is darling!

  4. OH and IF we did live closer I would totally do zoo dates :-) I bet it is cooler there...Im in the south with triple digit summer temps plus humidity. I dont DARE go out during the summer unless its to the pool...or your face melts off and hair goes nuts! not pretty. ha. Im totally jealous of your late July zoo trip...


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