Tuesday, September 22, 2009

caramel macchiato romance.

Saturday morning was a rough one. Woke up earlier than necessary because Jack was awake and ready to go. So, in my efforts to be a thoughtful wife and good mother, I let the handsome hubby stay asleep as I sat Jack in his exersaucer with a bowl of cheerios and hopped in the shower to start getting ready for work. Sounds easy right?

{insert the scream of a restless 22 month old along with the crash of a bowl of cheerios hitting the bathroom floor *here*}

Add in a discovery that we were low on milk along with only having one car right now (a story of itself) and I was already stressed just 30 minutes after waking.

At this point hubby is up. Offers to go pick up milk while I finish getting ready for work.
Ahhhh. Thank goodness.

Upon his return he carries in a single Starbucks coffee cup. I felt excitement show across my face, only to be disappointed as I see him take a sip. "He got himself a coffee? Only himself?", I thought. Wanting to avoid any confrontation on a morning like that one already was, I figured he saw the to-go mug and tea bag I'd sat out for myself the night before. "He must've thought I just wanted tea this morning.", I convinced myself. Well nevermind brewing tea now, it's time for work. I kiss the boys and head out the door. ...just knowing I'm going straight to Starbucks on my first break. I sit down in the car, wipers on (it was a rainy day on top of all of that), seat belt on, ...wait a minute, "what the!"

this was waiting on me in the cup holder.

It's the littlest things that matter most. Guys don't get that.

(as a dear friend said)
"Just the thought of him driving with a purpose, thinking of his hunny...

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