Wednesday, September 23, 2009

house sweet home.

If I had a house like either one of these...

I'd fill it with rooms like this...

(that alcove bed is just waiting for someone to nap in it.)

 (breakfast in bed would be overrated if this was the view from the dining table.)

 (wouldn't you like to be a guest in this room?)



 (sleepover heaven.)

 (wood burning stove = cure for winter blues)

(rainy days would be welcomed from this bed.)

 (are there horses or sandy beaches outside this window in your imagination?)

 (I'd live in a tree if this was the house.)


 (the. warmest. bed. ever.)


 (wall of memories.)

(that blue is perfect. ...and the chandelier? breathtaking.)

 (mirror mirror on the wall. you are the prettiest of them all.)

 (call me crazy, but I love the view of the bathtub from the bed.)

([outdoor] living the good life.)

May you see the beauty in every day, out of every window, on every wall.


  1. Amanda! Your blog is looking GREAT! I love the changes you made :) I will be emailing you back soon...the past few days have been WAY too hectic. Those inspiration photos are amazing! Loving that giant leaner mirror with the ornate frame. And those two houses are stunning!

  2. It's so amusing to me that you posted these types of photos. When I was sleeping in your guest bedroom...I had a dream. :) When I woke up, it was a plantation home (like the ones you have pictured above). To my left the entire wall became a giant paned window.It had a pretty, long skinny table up against it with fresh flowers sitting on top. To the right of the window was an open doorway that led to a beautiful sun room-3 floor to ceiling walls of windows, complete with a tin roof. To the left of the bedroom window was the bathroom door. Inside was the cast iron clawfoot tub of course. The bedroom was decorated with mirrors and drapes, chandeliers, vintage furniture, and photos. I guess I must just say that I feel ya...amusing isn't it?

  3. Natalie, that house you painted a picture of in my mind is a dream come true. And it makes me even more eager to make our guestroom so much more comfy, cozy, and inviting. Who knew such beautiful and inspirational thoughts could happen in such a dull room! :) I am in love with the gray and soft blue color palette of the guestroom from the above photos. And I may even place the bed in front of the window... sure is prettier than any headboard I could afford right now. ;)


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