Friday, September 18, 2009

i have a confession to make.

...I don't always practice what I preach. ;) I've told numerous friends of mine who are mother's, things like "sleep when the baby sleeps" & "take time to yourself" etc. Well today, as I do most days, I let Jack climb up in our bed for a book and snuggle time to settle down before nap time. But instead of hurrying him off to his bed before he fell asleep so that I could tackle household 'chores', I read his book, covered him with his favorite blanket, tucked his 'couldn't live without it' stuffed elephant under his arm and said 'night night honey', because as we all know mama's (especially ones with newborns or mischevious toddlers running around) need their rest too. There was just one problem, my eyes wouldn't stay closed. As my little boy laid there sleeping, I stared at his precious face and couldn't pull my eyes away. I adored his long eyelashes (courtesy of yours truly), his precious button nose, and those adorable little lips the way they pout when children sleep. And I thought to myself, "shame on you Amanda". I've told mothers "sleep when the baby sleeps", knowing I never did. ...and still don't. I don't know how we do it sometimes... the sleep deprivation, the skipped meals, the errands, the housework, the worrying. But somehow, God willing, we manage. So I've had a change of heart (or advice I should say)... you mama's stare at those little angels as long as you'd like. You hold them as often as you'd like. When Jack was an infant I was always told he was going to be spoiled from me holding him "too much". Well. The rebel in me, and the mothers love I felt in my heart didn't care then. And I don't care now. These little ones grow up WAY too fast, so stare each and every day, making mental notes of all those precious features, and hold on tight each and every opportunity you get because every single solitary moment of lost sleep becomes oh so worth it at the memories you'll cling to the rest of your life. To all mothers, soon-to-be mothers, or those of you who simply have the desire to be a mother... you're doing great! Hold on to every little blessing motherhood gives us. There's NOTHING like it.


  1. That is such a sweet post!I dont have any kiddies yet but I used to be a full-time nanny to two precious twin boys and I used to do the same thing at nap time...stare at their sweet little features and enjoy every minute of it cause I knew it couldn't last forever. I looked after them from 9 months to almost 3 years old...and I can't believe they turn 6 next birthday!!! yikes how time flies!

    As promised I told you I'd let you know when I had some headbands posted...I posted a few today!

  2. Rebecca if you think you adored those little guys (how sweet), wait until you have little guys, or gals, of your own. It's indescribable.

    As for the headbands, after having received your much needed input, Gemma will be mine! =)

  3. This is such a nice post! I too, give the same advice, but find myself not doing it! Your son is very cute!!!

    BTW, I love your dresser. I have one that look very similar and now I know exactly what to do with it!!

    Happy Holidays


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