Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've always been a summer girl.
I love the sunshine on my shoulders, the taste of salt on the margarita glass, discovering tan-lines after an afternoon of exploring the back yard toddler style, kickin' it at the kiddie pool, checking out my handsome hubby while he mows the grass, the smell of the grill, sweet sun-tea, my birthday, hubby's birthday, memorial day, labor day.
...and so on.

Oh, how I'll miss these loves of mine. Especially come January-ish when it starts to feel like old man winter has made himself at home, for good.

However, I can't help myself but to fall in love with fall...

(go bucks!)

rainy days cozy inside.

picking out that perfect pumpkin.

candy apple indulgence.

deliciousness that warms your hands & soul.

sunday s'more days.

apple picking.

sunrises with that kind of color.

fall footwear.
(not confident I could pull off either look but love both)

toasty fires on crisp nights.

breakfast. in. bed.
(and those socks)


cute dress. fabulous boots. 'nuff said.

and last but certainly not least.
the most exciting part of fall (for me), is that this guy...

was born on this day...

I remember the first doctor's appointment, when she gave us our estimated due date (Nov. 12), and I immediately said, "Oh honey, that's too close to Halloween. I hope our baby isn't born on Halloween."

How naive of me.
This little "boo baby", as I affectionately refer to him as, now gives me unbeatable reason to welcome this season with an open heart, and party planning excitement beyond compare.

Sometimes life works out just right. :)

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