Saturday, January 15, 2011

antique love, close to home!

While browsing Craigslist
(and wathcing football since I'm in a Playoffs Fantasy League... yes, you read that right.)
I came across a dresser at a flea market less than an hour from home.

The dresser was cute, and had a good price so I kept looking and came across "old beauty" that I think I need.

Wouldn't this be great for holding magazines or books?

Lately, I have an owl obsession.
I purchased two ceramic ones from Goodwill I plan to spray a glossy white.

Perfect for the blank space above our front door. Maybe with an "M" in that space in the middle.

I can think of 101 uses for an old chair. Love them, and at just $8 each, I want them all.

After seeing Maria's Master Bedroom I want two of these old doors to use as a headboard!
The old mantels above also remind me of this setup in her living room.

That frame, painted white and holding just about anything (other than the floral painting it holds now)... yummy.

Dresden Junk-shun is only open two hours tomorrow but I bet I could have an SUV size load of goodies picked out in about 2.5 minutes!

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