Thursday, January 6, 2011

let me introduce to you lovely.

Although I always have about 3, 562, 814, 793 amazing ideas in my head and about half that many projects in (slow) progress around here, I rarely post anything amazing since everthing takes me so long to complete.

Thanks to working part time in retail
as a full time animal tamer to our 3 year old boy/oh boy is he a wild one.

But a BIG thank you to

Cassie over at reUse reInvent reDesign


Steph over at For The Luv Of Sanity

for awarding me with the

Wasn't that sweet of them?

My favorite part is that they shared my blog with their readers and that I get to share some super cool blogs with you lovelies.

Here are the rules. The rules that I'm going to bend a little.

1. thank and link back to the person that gave you the award.
(see above)

2. share seven things about yourself.
(i think THIS is a little more fun)

3. award ten recently discovered bloggers.
(i've not had much blogging time lately so i don't have a list of ten but i am sticking to Cassie's rule of having under 200 followers, and believe it or not, some of these ladies have less followers than me but OODLES more talent, so, CHECK EM' OUT!

(who happens to be hosting a giveaway once she reaches 100 followers)

(who gave me the award)

(who inspires me with her furniture makeovers)

(who has a great "past transformations" link)
*and yes, she's just over 200 followers already but i warned of some rule bending so there ya have it.

Trimmed and Taylored
(whose blog is just as cute as sher is)

(who is responsible for my blog design. *heart*)

(which is an "old" favorite of mine but could be new to some of you.)

Rule #4. is to let the person know you've awarded them, so I'm off to check out some of my faves and tell them how stylish I think they are.

But stay tuned, because I do assure you I've been working on quite a few things around here I'm excited to share.

Most of them have to do with making over Jack's room and include but are not limited to:
-new wall color
-a made over vintage dresser
-a made over desk and chair
-new window treatments
-new bedding (heck, he's getting a new bed altogether!)
and pretty much everything from A to Z.
*that's a hint

Have fun showing some blog love and enjoy the day before the weekend!


  1. Thanks so much Amanda!! You put a big smile on my face today! Can't wait to pass this on!!


  2. Aw, thanks! You're so sweet! I've been a terrible blogger lately, with all the happenings over the holidays...I need to get back into the game!

    I hope you get your Craigslist piece! ;)


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