Monday, January 3, 2011

a giveaway you'll want to know about.

Little Miss Momma is hosting an amazing giveaway from barn owl primitives that you all are going to want to head on over, check out, then avoid all temptation to enter so as to increase MY chances.

Just kidding. Just kidding.
Up to 9 times.
But, if you win, you MUST invite me over to envy your new sign.
And possibly cram it into my purse before leaving. ;)

My favorites:
 (actually all are my favorite, but i don't think i have enough walls in the house to accomodate them all.)

family rules.


Alphabet of love. (as I call it.)

Alright, I'm headed back over to complete all the entries I can. I MUST.HAVE. one of these signs.

Happy New (and wonderful) Year, lovelies!

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