Tuesday, December 29, 2009

creamy, not crunchy.

My plan for today was to head to the mall with the boys to check out what after Christmas sales I could take advantage of. However, as it sometimes does when a two-year old (or a child of any age, for that matter) is involved, plans changed. Our little guy went to bed fairly early last night so Travis and I were able to enjoy the hot tub here at his dad's house but that meant we had an early riser this morning. The sun not even being completely up yet at 6:30 a.m. didn't make any difference to our little boy who was beyond excited to start his day. So, he sipped milk while I sipped a strong cup of coffee, then it was clean up time so that grandma comes home to a clean house today after work, and once daddy was up and breakfast started, that's when plans took an abrupt turn. For the worst.

As I prepared myself to enjoy one of my hubby's awesome omelets, Jack found the peanut butter and decided he wanted a bowl of it. No problem. He's a picky eater but loves peanut butter so any 'good' fats and protein he wants, he gets. He started into his bowl of peanut butter as I started into my delicious omelet. One bite into it was enough to cause screaming and gagging. Problem? The peanut butter was 'crunchy' peanut butter. Something he's unfamiliar with. He enjoys peanut butter, and nuts, but apparently not together. So, after trying everything I chould think of to help him clean out his mouth (drink some juice, brush his teeth, eat something more enjoyable) I finally just scooped the remains of peanut butter out of his mouth with a wash cloth and finally got him calmed down in just enough time to catch a favorite cartoon and let him fall asleep for his nap. Whew! Never, will we ever offer crunchy peanut butter to him again. Ever.

The bright side of our change of plans is that hubby hit the gym and I'm able to share some fabulous rooms with you all. I find myself being drawn to all things striped right now. Clothes, walls, furniture. You name it. So, here are a few photos of stripes I love. Whether it be a room full of striped walls or a simple striped accessory, I love 'em...

If we had wood stairs, this would be a 'for sure' project:

We are in search of a unique and very budget friendly idea for the floor in our guest/Jack's bathroom so I will be looking into the option of painting stripes on the plywood floor...

I absolutely love both of these sofas... love.love.

Not sure I'm this brave, but how adorable is this bathroom?...

Three things I love the most: white. turquoise. and stripes. All wrapped up into one room...

And who could forget this absolutely adorable dresser Holly painted?!?! It sold, which is no surprise but that doesn't mean it left my mind. I seriously may attempt this with a piece of my own, I am that obsessed with it...

If you didn't already love stripes, I bet you do now. :)


  1. Love this images! And those french sofas....SWOON!

  2. Awww poor Jack!! It is so funny how differently they react to different foods, but I am sure that was a little scary too.

    And that first room you shared seriously has me all worked up! I am a fan of stripes too, and am hoping you do try painting the floor so I can live through you (Sean has made it VERY clear I can paint the town and everything else red if I please, but the floors are completely off limits LOL).
    Thanks for all the dreamy inspiration!


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