Monday, December 21, 2009

luck be a lady.

I am in total shock and awe over a few things today. Fortunately, it's a good shock. I was thrilled enough to find a new cool blog I love taking a peek at: high-heeled foot in the door. But, imagine my excitement as I discovered she was in the middle of a week of "favorite things" give-aways and this was the give-away I stumbled upon! I mean, seriously, how could one lucky gal even decide between all those fabulous options if she won???

Well, out of all of the lovely ladies that entered, I, yes I, was the one to be faced with the challenge of deciding. I won! I cannot believe the graciousness of you lovely bloggers. From kind comments and/or emails that brighten my day to fabulous give-aways.... thank you doesn't quite do my feelings justice. I'm starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, good deeds do bring around good karma. :)

Miraculously, I have made a decision on which one I would like. Since I loved them all, I figured I would choose the one that would get the most use and compliment my ever-so-simple 'jeans and a t-shirt' style beautifully. So, here she is in all her linen handmade glory:

I can't wait to see it in person. I just know I'll fall more in love with it. (If that's even possible.)

A big thank you again to high-heeled foot in the door for such a pretty (early Christmas) gift!

And, if you love all things pretty, linen, and handmade also, be sure to head on over to  and find yourself a little piece of fabulous-ness.

My little elf and I are spending the afternoon wrapping the presents Santa dropped off for daddy *wink wink*, taking presents to the post office to be sent to the boys and girls who made our "nice" list this year :), finishing up some holiday decor (that I really hope to share with you all before the holiday has come and gone), taking photos of such decor, and dropping off hubby's "work car" to the mechanic (ugh!).

I hope all of you are kicking off an already exciting week with as much fun as we are!

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  1. LUCKY LUCKY LADY!!! And great choice! I hope your week only gets better~


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