Tuesday, December 1, 2009

feeling inspired.

Thanks to the lovely (and always inspiring) Holly over at life in the fun lane I saw this post the other day and immediately fell in love with the knobs and pulls she used on a dresser for her master bedroom. Considering I've been stressing for months over ideas on how to turn Jack's very neutral nursery into more of a little boy's room that will suit his style personality better, I immediately wondered what that hardware could look like on his dresser, in his room. A quick call to Anthropologie to see if they had them in stock.... exactly 6 pulls left, just what I need (plus two knobs) and, we. are. on. our. way.

Me, and my adorable companion....

...are off to shop for his room.

be. still. my. heart.


  1. OOoooh thanks for the shout out! I cannot wait to see how it goes, those pulls are hard to round up huh?
    That photo of you two is simply stunning! Did you edit it with photoshop or are you just the most amazing photographer ever? (totally jealous on either account LOL)

  2. Holly- I am compleeeeeetely in love with those pulls! Amazing what ideas some lovely hardware can fill a girls head with. As for the photo, considering I'd forgotten to wear my 'go-go-super-mom' arms that day, and we don't have photoshop (and Travis is far from the best photographer, sorry honey) it's neither. That photo is from the "Jack turned 2/family photos" collection a dear friend of mine shot. Deciding on one for our Christmas card is nearly impossible. Maybe I should ask for opinions.... ;)

  3. I love that pic, Amanda! Can't wait to see what you do with the dresser :) Have you decorated for Christmas-would love to see that too! :)

  4. Thanks ladies! Katie, we have indeed decorated for Christmas but we are far from finished. The tree is up, and alllllmost complete. There's a touch of Christmas in each room on our main level. And this weekend we should be able to tackle outdoor decorating. I'll be sure to post (less-than-stellar-quality) pictures soon. :)

  5. Hey thanks for your comments. It's always fun to have a blog friend:-) I think I need to check out what knobs from Anthro you are talking about.

    P.S. - Love the photo!

  6. How cute is your blog im new here :)) what a great picture im looking forward to seeing the finishing project!

  7. What an adorable picture- Lovely!!
    I'm new to your blog- it's very cute!
    Have a great day!




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