Tuesday, December 8, 2009

well, that's changed.

Things around our home are constantly changing. Mostly, it's my mind, but that usually means so does our decor, or more accurately, my ideas for our decor. But in this instance, I'm referring to how our lives have changed.

Before October 31, 2007 a Saturday night consisted of dinner out and a movie or dinner and drinks with friends. Or maybe shopping, and take-out then a late-night snugglefest curled up on the sofa watching the latest new release. Or maybe, it was spent away from home at a hotel for the weekend to relax in their hot tub, or with family playing cards and drinking wine. But here we are, two years plus after that oh-so-special date and our Saturday nights go a little more like this....

Pizza delivery, a couple diet cokes, candlelight, and of course...

a third party. :) Do we still take an occasional Saturday night to ourselves to have "us" time and a dinner where someone waits on us and makes seventy-three and a half trips back and forth until we are happy with what we are eating or drinking? We. Sure. Do. Do we miss having every Saturday night to just the two of us? Not. A. Chance.

We spent Saturday night together at the dinner table with what I must say was quite a delicious dinner and despite getting up a few times to get our picky-eater something more appealing to his eyes and his little belly, we stopped for a moment and made a point to really appreciate where our lives are now. Married, happy, healthy, and with a precious little boy who sees us as his whole world. Well ok, maybe the occasional new toy is his whole world but more so, us. :)

Things change, and, in this case, change is good.

I'd love to stay and type but that precious little boy I just referred to is now up from his nap and immediately noticed I turned the Christmas tree off while he was snoozing. "Tree on mama", he says.

Hope to be back soon with photos of our holiday decorating, that is, if we ever find a tree topper we love. Anyone know where to find a star tree topper that isn't made of gumball machine plastic and blinky lights? No offense to anyone who loves those. ;)

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  1. How sweet!!! your Saturday night sounds heavenly to me :)
    can't wait to see your decorations!


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