Tuesday, December 29, 2009

coffee table love.

You all know by now I am a huge fan of any and every thing the lovely and talented Holly from Life In The Fun Lane comes up with. I mean, so much so that I should probably stop mentioning it so often because she'll start to think I'm a weirdo stalker.

(Note to Holly in case you're reading this: I'm not a weirdo stalker. Ok, maybe a little weird in my own way. And I do 'stalk' your blog. But, I'm harmless.) :)

So it's no shock to anyone that when I first came across her blog and soon after saw a coffee table she painted, I set out to search for one of my own. Hubby and I have been looking for a coffee table that we just love for quite some time now. Too bad we don't live in Canada or I would've bought this baby immediately.

Take a look at this beauty! and you'll see the appeal. It's simple and timeless and I, along with Holly, just love the little worm holes and chunky legs.

You can't begin to imagine my excitement when, while searching Craigslist ads from back home even while away on vacation, I found this:

EXACT same table. Perfect dimensions. And, the price? Wait for it.... $20. I almost couldn't breathe for a moment. I simply spun the laptop around to show hubby and he knew. I want it. Badly. That baby, in white, in our living room. *sigh* Love.

I have been dreaming of this exact table for almost 6 months now and I've already emailed about it twice saying I want it! I may not sleep tonight, impatiently anticipating a response from the seller. Please keeps your fingers (and toes) crossed that it is still available, and that the seller will hang onto it until I return home to Ohio on Saturday and can pick it up.

*maintaining hope*....

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  1. I had that exact table , I painted it creamy white ,distressed and sold it for $100.00 it was beautiful.


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