Monday, December 28, 2009

snowball fight.

Hello lovelies. How was everyones Christmas? I sure hope Santa was good to each and every one of you. Thanks to my "Santa" I am now blogging from this:

while keeping my toes toasty in these:

I am in love with both, and more so, with the man called "Santa", a.k.a my handsome hubby.

The excitement of the children had me behind the camcorder on Christmas morning so as soon as my sister emails me the photos she snapped of their smiling faces, I'll share some.

Despite being up all night Christmas Eve due to what we think was a nightmare our little guy had, and staying up late Christmas night playing hubby's new "toy" from his Santa, Wii, we managed to make it through the 7 hour drive to Charlotte, NC the day after Christmas to spend the week with my father-in-law and his festive and fun wife. Yesterday us gals spent the day browsing little boutiques in a nearby outdoor shopping mall since the sun was shining brightly and a heavy coat wasn't needed like it would be if we were back home. Today the fellas went golfing and us gals, along with my munchkin, hit some everyday hot spots for shopping. I.e. Michaels Craft Store where I snagged a little tree for Jack's room next year for $2.47 complete with burlap cover on the bottom. T.J.Maxx where I was thrilled to find a white shag rug for our sink area in the kitchen and a "knock-off" Wendy Addison "Wish" ornament. Love. And lastly, Target for clearance ornaments in shades of turquoise, silver and white along with a simply shabby chic stocking holder that I am praying I find two more of. It is stunning. I'll try to share photos of my frugal finds tomorrow. I've GOT to get new batteries in my camera.

This evening I joined Suzanne at her regular "Zumba" class and attempted to dance off some of the holiday treats I've been devouring. Although it made me feel uncoordinated trying to keep up with the hip-hop hip-swinging the instructor was oh so good at, I had fun and got my heart pumping. Looks like I'll have to attempt another workout tomorrow because after dinner tonight we had "snowballs". A new favorite dessert of mine I've never had before. You roll vanilla ice cream into a ball, after lightly toasting shredded coconut in the broiler. Spoon hot fudge onto a saucer, briefly warm, roll ice cream ball in toasted coconut and place on top of hot fudge. Then, simply enjoy. Guiltlessly indulge. The problem developed when my father in law decided he was too full from dinner to enjoy his dessert, and hubby and I were left to have a "snowball fight". Arguing who should get to enjoy the extra serving. I regretfully let hubby win... but only because I'd like to keep my waistline the same and secretly I like when hubby is a litttle thicker around the middle during winter. Keeps me warm at night. :)

I'm off to the hot tub with Travis to let my muscles relax after my attempt at being a Britney Spears back-up dancer earlier this evening. Tomorrow we shall venture out to the mall in hopes of spending my Pottery Barn gift card I received, as well as see what "can't live without" items Anthropologie has to offer.

Be sure to let me know if any of you try a "snowball". I recommend them.

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  1. Where oh where did your hubby get those super cute and comfy looking sweater socks??


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